Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 23

Bell Work:
  • In Google Docs...Start a new collection titled "Avalos English"  
  • In that collection, add another collection titled "Bell Work."  Within "Bell Work" start a new Google Doc Titled "5th Six Weeks Bell Work"
  • Write the prompts for Monday-Wednesday and respond in your document.  (They are on my website--you may copy and paste.)  
  • If you need help, collaborate with me or a classmate.  

The format for your bell work is shown below.  

Thursday, 2/23/2012
The bell work question is written here.  
Response...make sure you have at least 5 sentences.  Make your date bold and copy the prompt from my website.  Make your prompt bold.  Then respond to the prompt using a minimum of five sentences.  You should indent your first sentence, like this paragraph is done.  After you have completed your response, double space and maybe put a dividing line (Shift + ‘-’) like I did below.  Then you will be ready for the next day.  

Other Tasks for Today:

  • Bookmark Mrs. Avalos's Website
  • Bookmark Online Textbook
  • Bookmark English with Avalos Blog
  • Create a document in "Avalos English" titled "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
  • Answer the Reading Check questions from pages 480-489. Use complete sentences. When finished, share the document with me via Google Docs.

Finish up any tasks you haven't completed from the earlier part of the week:

  • Username/Password Document
  • Evernote Account
  • Shelfari Account
  • Diigo Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Show Mrs. Avalos your Ethics Rough Draft

When finished, you may log-in and do

Remember, your My Ethics, My Codes of Life Essay is due by midnight Friday, March 2nd.

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