Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 12

Bell Work:  Write about a time when you were tricked or lied to.

Quiz #2 over The Great Gatsby chapters 2 and 3

Free Rice...I MUST see activity on your Free Rice account for today, otherwise you will get a 0 for participation today.  Make sure you are signed-in to my group.  

Every 10,000 grains of rice you donate in my group each six weeks earns you a free homework pass.  Good for a free 100 on any daily assignment.  Or you may do 35,000 for a free 100 on a TEST grade.  All rice starting today, goes toward the 6th six weeks.  If you are not signed-in to my group, it will not count.  

I've also added "Literature" and "SAT Prep" to the subjects you can do to earn rice in my group.  Good Luck!  

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