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Monday, August 27, 2012

Objective: Discuss classroom expectations, policies, and procedures.  Learn proper use and care of Chrome Books.  

Welcome back and welcome to English III: American Literature!

Please follow the following list of directions.  If you need help, please ask a neighbor or raise your hand.  If I start talking to the class, please close your chrome book 1/2 way and look at me so that I know you are paying attention.  

  1. Bookmark my blog in Google Chrome.
  2. Bookmark my website in Google Chrome.  
  3. Fill out this short form
  4. Open Google Docs.
  5. Create a new collection titled "Avalos English."  If you need help, ask a neighbor or raise your hand.  I would recommend color coding your classes, as many of your teachers will probably have you creating folders for their classes.  
  6. Within "Avalos English," create the following folders
    1. Vocabulary
    2. Handouts
    3. Bell Work
    4. Notes
    5. Grammar
    6. Literature
    7. Writing
  7. Click here to access my syllabus.  
  8. Make a copy of my syllabus and put it in the folder "Avalos English"
  9. On the syllabus, make note of the following important pieces of information:
    1. Materials
    2. End of Class
  10. Click here to open "Fall 2012 Schedule"
    1. Make a copy of this document and then fill it out.
  11. If time permits, we will go over the class blog and my website.  
  12. We will go over policies and procedures in the syllabus tomorrow.  Feel free to read through it and make note of any questions you may have.

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