Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, April 17

  • Bell Work:  First 10 minutes of class...finish reading Chapter 4, if you didn't finish yesterday.  Turn in your Chapter 4 questions.  (Either share with me via Google Docs or turn it into the tray)

  • Discuss Chapter 4--Quiz tomorrow

  • Letters of Appreciation Assignment--Due Friday

    • Pick 4 teachers/staff members on the Godley High School Campus (see Mrs. Avalos's list)

    • Write each of them a heartfelt letter of thanks/appreciation

    • As of right now, there is no "minimum" number of sentences, it just has to be sincere.  If you are eloquent with words and can accomplish that with 3 sentences, great!  But if you need 10 sentences, that's completely fine too! 

    • Think about the teachers or staff members who has made a difference in your life, who has helped you, been there for you, etc.

    • It should be in the correct letter format.

    • Typed letters will not be permitted.  Personal letters should always be handwritten.

    • This will count as 4 daily grades...due Friday!

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