Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15
  • Bell Work: Number a piece of paper 1-39.
  • I will put a story on the board.  You will have to decide if there, their, or they're goes in the blank.  Write your answer on the notebook paper.  We will go over the answers when everyone is finished.
  • Then, number the back of your paper 1-47.  I will put a paragraph on the board.  Write the incorrect homophone on the paper, followed by the homophone that should go there.  For example, four-for.
  • We will go over this, when we are finished.
  • It was probably very difficult for you to read this paragraph and for it to make any sense.  When you use the wrong spelling of a word (ie. homophones), you make it extremely difficult for your reader to understand what you are trying to say.      
  • Lastly, number your paper 1-10.  Look at the sentences on the board.  Decide which homophone will make the sentence correct.
  • Please work on writing carefully and using the correct form of a word.  

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