Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 2, Day 4

Objective: take the Beginning of the Year (BOY) Benchmark and Diagnostic test to gauge current levels.

  1. Bell Work: None
  2. Open up
    2. Password: ENGMMDDYY (ENG + your birthday, include any leading zeros)
  3. Work on your BOY test and/or Diagnostic test
  4. If you finish with both, you may play free rice.  Remember to play in MY GROUP!
  5. Be patient!
  6. Be patient!
  7. Remember, be nice to the Chrome Books and they will be nice to you!  
  8. Troubleshooting (If you have a problem...) try:
    1. Refresh
    2. Close out of the screen/window and go back in
    3. Shut down your Chrome Book and log back in
  9. Photo Release Form
    1. The sub will give you one.
    2. I will be taking pictures on Friday.
    3. Please bring the signed form back by Friday, or you can't be in the pictures that will be sent to Scholastic for the video.

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