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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 27, Day 2
Objective: Determine the meaning of grade-level technical academic English words in multiple content areas derived from Latin and Greek roots; Analyze the internal and external development of characters through a range of literary devices; Demonstrate familiarity with works by authors in American fiction from each major literary period; Make complex inferences about textual evidence to support understanding, Draw and support complex inferences from text.
  1. Bell Work: In your spiral and in blue or black ink...The Great Gatsby takes place in the early 1920s.  What was going on  in America, historically, during this time?
  2. Continue working on The Great Gatsby Treasure Hunt
    1. This is an introduction to the novel we are about to begin.
    2. Do the assignment in a Google Doc.  This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, not group or partner work.  
    3. Due Friday
    4. Skip #7 and on #8, only do the last bullet.  
  3. Other announcements:
    1. Follow me on my school-related only twitter @AvalosEnglish
    2. SAT Quiz this week will be over the same 50 words that we had before Spring Break.  No hope for getting out of this test, you will need to study. 

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