Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday, October 1,2013

Week 6, Day 2
Objective: analyze cultural and historical impacts on literature; grade level vocabulary, and listening for understanding; revising and editing; evaluate how different literary elements (e.g., figurative language, point of view) shape the author's portrayal of the plot and setting in works of fiction; addresses the writing skills for an analytical essay, including references to and commentary on quotations from the text; analyzes the aesthetic effects of an author's use of stylistic devices.  

  1. Bell Work: Imagine you live in Colonial America.  Write a description of the place you live and the work you do to support your family.  
  2. Week 6 SAT Words
  3. Vocabulary for Stories (p. 74)--(due Friday)
    1. Quench
    2. Recompense
    3. Manifold
    4. Persevere
  4. Literary Analysis Terms (p. 74)--(due Friday)
    1. Puritan Plain Style
    2. Syntax
    3. Inversion
  5. Author Information: Anne Bradstreet (p. 75)
    1. Open Author Information Document
    2. Make a copy of it.
    3. Make sure you put it in the "Avalos English" shared folder
    4. Fill it out as we read about the author.  
  6. Remember that your literary terms from the PowerPoint presentation are due tomorrow...WITH EXAMPLES!

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