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Week 24, Day 4
Objective: Creating a college leadership and membership resume as well as a professional job resume.  
  1. "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson Quiz (on paper)--you may use your handwritten notes
  2. Bell Work: Read this brief article
  3. Today, you are going to begin creating two different resumes.  The first one is called a Leadership and Membership Resume.  This will be where you document all of your high school accomplishments and achievements.  This document will be VERY useful when you begin asking people for letters of recommendations, applying for scholarships, and applying for colleges.  The second resume is a Professional Job Resume.  This is the resume that you will take with you when you apply for jobs and go on job interviews.  As of right now, your professional resume may not have very much work experience on it, so your focus may be more academic.  However, as you gain work experience you will place more emphasis on it and less on your academic accomplishments.  I have provided you with lots of examples.  You can also look for more examples on-line.  However, I would NOT recommend using an on-line source to CREATE your resume.  A lot of times they are scams and will end up sending you a ton of spam.  Please trust me on this.  As one of the articles below says, your resume is YOU on paper.  You want to make it visually appealing.  
  4. I am very sad that I am not there to guide you through these assignments. I have over 4 years of management and human resource experience.  This is a very valuable assignment, so I ask you to please take this assignment seriously.  I truly feel that this is the most useful assignment that you will do in here all year long.  I encourage you to save it to your Google Drive, but also email it to yourself.  You will want to add to it throughout this year, next year, and even in college.  You'll see that mine (one of the examples) was updated all the way through college.  Every year I have tons of my previous students send me emails asking if I saved their resume and that they need it.  You can believe me now or you can wait and I can just say, "I told you so" next year.  
  5. Create a Leadership and Membership Resume
    1. Make a copy of this Leadership and Membership Resume
    2. Fill it out with YOUR information
    3. Keep this document handy and add to it as the years go by
    4. Here is an example of a completed Leadership and Membership Resume
  6. Create a Professional Job Resume using these documents to guide you
    1. Professional Job Resume Assignment
  7. Use these to guide you
    1. Resume Personal Data Sheet
    2. Myths and Facts about Resumes
    3. Resume Key Words
    4. Example 1
    5. Example 2
  8. We will work on these in class a little bit, but they really shouldn't take you very long.  They are due Friday, March 7th at 4:00pm.  I will put a FORM on my blog for you to turn these in.  
  9. Feel free to collaborate with your peers.
  10. Quizlet is up for Week 24 SAT words.  Please study for your SAT Quiz on Monday.
  11. Quiz corrections are due Friday by 3:45pm, unless you are gone with extracurricular activities, then you have until Monday.  
  12. I miss you all!  Feel free to email or tweet me if you have any questions.

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