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Week 6, Day 4
Objective: literary analysis, defining drama terms, cultural and historical impacts on literature, grade-level vocabulary

Today and tomorrow you will be working on a Salem Witch Trial Web Quest. There is quite a bit to read.  You will read on your own.  Then, when you are done reading, you may answer the 9 questions with a partner.  Today you will spend your time reading and learning more about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  It will probably take you all of class to do steps 1-5.  Tomorrow, you may work on the questions in step 6.  I know this seems like a lot, but if you use your time wisely, you should get it done.    
  1. Read this article on the Salem witchcraft trials
  2. Experience this virtual witch trial to get a feel for what it was like to be accused in the Salem witchcraft trials.  (Use the links to click through the virtual tour)
  3. Read this timeline of the events of the Salem witchcraft trials.
  4. View this actual arrest warrant from the Salem witchcraft trials.
  5. Read this opinion piece on a possible "witch hunt" that has happened more recently.
  6. On Questions to Answer: (Answer these on a Google Doc, in complete sentences.  I will give you a link to share them with me tomorrow.)
    1. What were some beliefs about witchcraft and witches people held in the past?
    2. What were the Salem witchcraft trials?
    3. What are some possible explanations for the Salem witchcraft trials?
    4. What options did an accused witch have in Salem?
    5. How quickly did things get out of hand in Salem?
    6. How long did the Salem witchcraft trials go on for?
    7. What sort of evidence was used to arrest accused witches?
    8. Do "witch hunts" still happen?
    9. Can you think of anything else that has happened in this country that would also be considered a "witch hunt"?
  7. Reminders: 
    1. Week 6 DRE due tomorrow
    2. As I said yesterday, I was not near my computer much on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have a lot of emails to go through.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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