Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week 33, Day 5

Objective: recognize distinctive and shared characteristics of cultures through reading; understand cultural background to literary texts, grade level vocabulary, and listening for understanding.

Teacher of the Year Vote (3rd period ONLY!  Unless you didn't vote in your 3rd period!  It won't let you vote more than once.)
  1. Bell Work: None
  2. Grade 33 DRE 
  3. Pass back graded papers.
  4. Corrections due on Monday, May 11 at 4:00pm
    1. Ch. 5 Gatsby Quiz
    2. Ch. 6 Gatsby Quiz
    3. Ch. 7 Gatsby Quiz
    4. Week 30 (W22-25) SAT SkyWard as W31 SAT Quiz.
    5. Week 32 SAT Quiz
  6. Reminders:
    1. TODAY is the end of the 3 week period.  I have put in quite a few grades.  Please check to make sure they are accurate.
    2. CORRECTIONS have NOT been entered yet.  I will try to get them entered before 4:00pm today.  Keyword is TRY!!!
    3. Graded papers--I would keep the graded papers until you see the grade in SkyWard.
    4. Happy Sixth Six Weeks...Free Rice...this is the only way you will be able to have a daily and quiz grade dropped. Numbers will likely be more than they were last six weeks. 

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