Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 12, Day 2
Objective: William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Vocabulary Development

  1. Bell Work-Get ready for your SAT Quiz.  We will begin as soon as the bell rings.
  2. W11 SAT Quiz
  3. Grade W11 DRE
  4. Yesterday, you should have read Act I, Scene I of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar on pages 893-896.
  5. Make sure your Study Questions over Act I are turned in on Google Classroom.  
  6. Rewrite Act I, Scene I in our language.
    1. In other words, you will need to rephrase the lines spoken by each character in a way that we would speak today.
    2. One of the group members will need to create a document and name it "Julius Caesar-Act I, Scene I Rewrite."
    3. Share the document with each member of your group and work together to rewrite Scene I.
    4. Act I, Scene I begins on page 893.  You will be turning this in tomorrow, DO NOT WASTE TIME!!!
    5. The following example should help get your started:
Act I, Scene I: Rome.  A Street.

     Hey!  Get home you lazy people.
     Do you think this is a holiday?  Don't you understand that
     You shouldn't be out here at this time of day
     Without your work clothes on?  What do you do for a living?

     Man, I'm a carpenter.

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