Friday, January 6, 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2016

Week 17, Day 4
Objective: Poetry and Paired Response Short Answer

  1. Bell Work: Daily Gram #11 (in BLUE or BLACK PEN, on your own paper, with your heading in the top right-hand corner)
    1. We will be doing these as your bell work for the next week or so.
    2. You may keep them in the tray and write them on the same paper for the whole week, if you'd like.
  2. Paired Response Short Answer Question based on the two poems from yesterday.
    1. "Stop All the Clocks" Poem
    2. "Do Not Stand Over My Grave and Weep" Poem 
    3. Both the rough draft and final draft are due tomorrow.
  3. Announcements/Reminders:
    1. Week 17 DRE will be due Monday, January 9th, rather than today.
    2. Cell phones should be face-down on your desk.
    3. You'll get new passes by the end of next week.
    4. Headphones should be out of BOTH ears while I am talking.
    5. Pens-We use pens in this class.  Bring a blue or black pen to class each day.
    6. Dots-still doing the "good dot/bad dot" thing.  Everything you do in class affects the culture of the classroom.  Be nice.  Do what you're supposed to do.

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