Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Week 4, Day 4
Frame: We will use our HUGE brains and the textbook to answer questions over "The Most Dangerous Game."
Closing: I will find text evidence to PROVE all of my answers are correct for the Open-Book Test over "The Most Dangerous Game."
  1. Bell Work: 10-minute journal writing.  Don't forget the guidelines.
  2. Open-Book Test over "The Most Dangerous Game" with text evidence
  3. If you finish, you may
    1. Work on Week 4 Stems in your Interactive Vocab. Notebook
    2. Work on/finish Literary Term Assignment
    3. Work on/finish "The Most Dangerous Game" Scavenger Hunt
  4. Reminders/Announcements:
    1. No DRE this week.
    2. Literary Term Assignment-due Friday
    3. Scavenger Hunt-due Friday
    4. Pages 1-14 in Interactive Vocab. Notebook-due Monday

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