Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 30, Day 1
Objective: Objective: demonstrate familiarity with works by authors of American Literature from the time period 1914-1945, analyze the ambiguities, nuances, complexities within the text and anticipate and respond to readers' questions or contradictory information, reflect on understanding to monitor comprehension, use technology as a tool to accomplish these objectives, read for detail.  

  1. Bell Work: clear your desk of everything and get ready for your The Great Gatsby quiz.
  2. Talk about One Day Without Shoes
    1. If you're interested you can watch these two YouTube videos:
      1. 2012 Promo
      2. 2013 Promo
  3. Begin reading Chapter 5
    1. We will read as a class tomorrow.  Quiz will be on Wednesday.
  4. Reminders:
    1. No SAT Quiz this week.  We will probably start these back up next week.
    2. No school on Friday or Monday.  

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