Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 18, Day 5
Objective: digital integrity and web literacy!

  1. Bell Work: Free Write! (70 words for Regular English, 80 words for Honors English AND 2 words from the current week)
  2. Grade Week 18 DRE
  3. Look at the following list of websites, determine which ones, if any are real websites with TRUE information. Websites to Validate. Make a copy of the document and explain the PROOF you have that the website is or is not valid. We will go over this on Tuesday. 
  4. Free Read or
  5. Free Rice
  6. Study for your Week 18 SAT Quiz on Tuesday
  7. Make sure you've created your Grammarly account. Go to
    1. Create Account
    2. Type your first and last name
    3. Godley Email Address
    4. Confirm your Godley Email Address
    5. Preferred password
    6. Access Code: 2tyVKRytbDHvj6dU
  8. Your controversial issue form was due yesterday at 4:00pm. Any entered after this will have 20 points deducted. Any forms entered after Friday will be a zero. 

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