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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 27, Day 4
Objective: recognize distinctive and shared characteristics of cultures through reading; understand cultural background to literary texts, grade level vocabulary, and listening for understanding.
  1. Bell Work: The Great Gatsby takes place in the early 1920s.  What was going on  in America, historically, during this time?  (Remember to use 80 words and to use at least two SAT words)
  2. F. Scott Fitzgerald Author Information (p. 729)
    1. Read the author information.
    2. This may be done individually or as a class. 
    3. Put the important information in your document labeled "Author Information" 
    4. This information WILL be on the final exam.  
  3. Begin working on The Great Gatsby Treasure Hunt
    1. This is an introduction to the novel we are about to begin.
    2. Do the assignment on your own paper.  This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, not group or partner work.
    3. Follow the directions given for each section.  Answer thoroughly and in COMPLETE sentences, ON YOUR OWN PAPER.  Rephrase the answers in your own NOT plagiarize.  
    4. Last year, there were a few problems with #7 and #8.  All of the links SHOULD be working.  If not, leave those blank and we will come back to them.    
    5. If you don't finish today, we should have some time to finish it tomorrow.
  4. Reminders: 
    1. DRE 27 due tomorrow.
    2. I miss you and, as always, BE GOOD for Mrs. Anglin.
    3. Stay off of games, YouTube, and anything else that you know I would NOT approve of.  
    4. Feel free to tweet me @AvalosEnglish or email me if you have any questions! If I have a good signal and/or internet connection, I will get back to you asap.  

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