Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 1, Day 5

Objective: SWBAT write in a voice and style appropriate to audience and purpose, use technology for aspects of writing, vocabulary development, establish and adjust purpose for reading such as to find out, to understand, to interpret, to enjoy, and to solve problems, read silently with comprehension, read to be entertained, to appreciate a writer's craft, to be informed, to take action, and to discover models to use in his/her own writing
  1. Grade your DRE and turn it in.
  2. Bell Work: Free Write...Write about anything that you want to write about.  (At least 40 words, underline every 10th word, and include 2 of the current week's SAT words.)
  3. 20% Time!!!!!  This is a time for you to work on something that you enjoy within the context of this class!  This is NOT a free day.
    1. Free Read (preferably not a textbook or magazine)
    2. Free Rice (make sure you are signed in and in my group)
      1. If you are having trouble getting an account...
        1. Please check to see if you received the email confirmation.  You will need to check your SPAM folder.
        2. If you used your Godley email address, try another email address.
        3. If you used another email address, try your Godley email address.
        4. If you still can't get it to work...don't worry about it.  We will resolve this issue eventually.  I may have to contact them.    
    3. Free Write (maybe you like to may do so, write a novel, a diary entry, song lyrics, a poem, whatever you are inspired to write.)
    4. Study for your SAT Week #1 Quiz on Tuesday (see the links at the top of this blog for Quizlet and Study Stack links)
    5. This week I will also let you complete any of the things that you need to complete on my blog to get caught up.  This will normally NOT be the case. 
      1. Student Information Form (see blog post from Monday)
      2. Username/Password Document (see blog post from Tuesday)
      3. Shelfari Account (see blog post for Wednesday)
      4. Free Rice Account (see blog post for Wednesday)
      5. Cursive Practice (see blog post for Thursday)
      6. Bell Work from 8/29/13 (see blog post for Thursday)
Please note: Fridays are not a time to work on things for another class.  You need to be productive for English class.  Please stay on task.  This is NOT a free day.  This a chance for you to do what you enjoy the most with regards to this class: reading, writing, or vocabulary development.

The more you write the better writer you will become.
The more you read the better reader you will become.

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