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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 1, Day 3
Objective: SWBAT (Student will be able to...) work with Web 2.0 tools.

  1. Bell Work: Make sure you have filled out the Student Information Form from the first day (this will be a daily grade 100, 50, or 0).
  2. Create an account with FreeRice.com
    1. Go to www.freerice.com
    2. At the top, click "Sign Up"
    3. Enter a username (that you will remember!!!!!!)
    4. Enter an email address you can check during class today.  This can be a personal email or your Godley email address (firstnamelastname@student.godleyisd.net).  Please note: last year we had a lot of trouble with the Godley email address.  If you use a yahoo account or something like that, it will probably necessary for you to use your phone to check your email.  
    5. It will send you an email.  (Sometimes, it takes a little while for the email to come through...like maybe even an hour.)  You can do the other things on my blog while you wait on the email.  
    6. Check your email.
    7. Click the link in the email for one-time log-in
    8. Select a password
    9. Re-type your password
    10. Click "save"
    11. Log-in
    12. Once logged-in, click "groups"
    13. Search for "Avalos"
    14. Join my group
    15. Begin playing in my group
      1. **NOTE**EVERY TIME YOU LOG-IN TO FREERICE.COM, YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLAYING IN THE AVALOS GROUP.  OTHERWISE, YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT IN MY CLASS FOR THE RICE YOU EARN.  We will use freerice.com quite often.  Please make sure you remember your username and password.  Also, I will be holding ‘contests’ between classes and offer extra credit periodically.
      2. In other words, it must have YOUR USERNAME at the left and MY GROUP NAME on the right.
    16. Put your log-in information in your Usernames and Passwords document that you were supposed to create yesterday.  
  3. Create an account with Shelfari.com
    1. Go to www.shelfari.com
    2. Click Register
    3. If you do not have an amazon account, put in your email address and click "do not have an amazon password"
    4. You will be asked to type your name
    5. Re-enter your email address
    6. Choose a password
    7. Re-enter your password
    8. Click "create an account"
    9. You should now be able to log-in
    10. In the search bar, type in "Avalos" and then click the drop down box for "groups"
    11. Hit "search"
    12. Click on "Mrs. Avalos's English Class" group and toward the top of the right hand side you will see a button that says "Join"
    13. Click "join"
    14. You may also add me as a friend, if you wish
    15. Put your log-in information in your Usernames and Passwords document
  4. If there is time, left you may add books to your Shelfari account, play on Free Rice, or do any of the other activities from my blog this week that you haven't gotten to yet.  
  5. Please make sure you email me if you have any questions! (cavalos@godleyisd.net)

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