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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 1, Day 4
Objective: SWBAT (Student will be able to...) understand morning procedures, begin doing bell work in the appropriate format, write in cursive (legibly), and work with Web 2.0 tools.

1.   Your bell work today will be written down, in your spiral.  If you do not have your spiral yet, borrow a piece of paper and you will have to transfer the prompt into your spiral to be graded.  
1.   Please put the date in the margin.  
2.   Use complete sentences with correct punctuation and grammar.  
3.   All writing in here is considered formal.
1.   No contractions.
2.   No slang.
3.   Spell out all numbers under one hundred.
5.   Avoid passive voice. (if you insert "by zombies" or "with zombies"  and it makes sense...that is passive! Change it!)
2.   Bell Work: What do you want to be when you grow up?  Why? What steps will you have to take to make sure you get there?
3.   Announcements and Reminders:
1.   Make sure you are putting your usernames and passwords on your Google Doc.
2.   Bring a book to class tomorrow.
3.   Bring your supplies to class everyday (including headphones)
4.   Don't have an SAT quiz on Tuesday!!!!!!!
5.   Be HAPPY!  It's almost FRIDAY!!!!!!  
4.   Cursive Assignment (due tomorrow)
1.   Pick ONE of the two choices below to write in cursive.  
1.   Choice ONE: Eight times table
1.   8 x 1=8 would be written as "eight times one equals eight"
2.   Go from 8x1 all the way through 8x12
2.   Choice TWO: Sentence
1.   The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
2.   Write it twelve times.  
2.   Please don't complain, it is really important for you to know how to write in cursive.  There is a portion on the SAT (and ACT, I believe) that has an honor statement that must be written in cursive.  Many of my students have told me that this part has taken them a long time because they haven't written in cursive in a long time (or ever!)  
3.   I have cursive charts, if you need one.  
4.   This should be done on a separate sheet of paper, in blue or black INK!!!!
5.   Heading goes at the top right, name, date, and period
5.   Finish up everything that is on this week's blog.
6.   If there is time, left you may add books to your Shelfari account, or play free rice.  
7.   If you did not get your free rice account to work, please don't stress.  We had quite a few problems last year.  They are a non-profit organization and, therefore, have a very small technical support staff.  We will eventually get it taken care of!

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