Thursday, January 7, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 17, Day 5
Objective: Persuasion

  1. Appetizer #4-Free Write...On Fridays you may write about anything that you want.  It needs to be at least 70 words, of course.  Have fun!
  2. Grade Week 17 DRE and turn it in.
  3. Complete the Brainstorming for Advertisement document (Google Classroom)--TURN IT IN!
  4. Begin creating your advertisement using Google Draw.
    1. This is supposed to be due by the end of class.  If you work hard, I will give you until Monday to "Submit" it on Google Classroom.  Mrs. Anglin will determine whether or not you worked hard enough.  
  5. Reminders:
    1. W17 SAT Quiz next week!  Study!
    2. Benchmark at the first of next week.
    3. As always, be good for the sub.  Email me if you need ANYTHING!  

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