Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 1, Day 3
Objective: understand how to write an autobiographical "I Am" poem
Frame: We will learn to describe ourselves with descriptive language in a poem.
Closing: I will use descriptive language to describe myself in my "I Am" poem.
  1. Bell Work: 
    1. Find your nameplate.
    2. Handouts: turn any papers that need to be returned to the tray at the back of the room.
    3. Work on finishing your Week 1 DRE for about 8 minutes.  You may work with your table partner, but NO COPYING!!!! 
  2. Grade Week 1 DRE
    1. You will grade in a marker or a pen that is NOT blue or black.
    2. Sign the bottom of the paper, where it says "Graded By"
    3. Make corrections with your marker or different colored pen.
  3. "I Am" Poem Assignment--begin rough draft
  4. If you finish your rough draft, begin brainstorming how you want your final product to look...Are you using a poster?  Video?  Plan it out!
  5. Reminders/Announcements
    1. Please have your supplies by Monday.  If you have any trouble getting them, please let me know privately.
    2. Handouts...All due to the tray by TODAY at 4:00pm.  
      1. Orange Bell Schedule
      2. Yellow Student Information Sheet
      3. Blue Parent Contact Form
      4. White Syllabus

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