Monday, August 28, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

Week 2, Day 5
Objective: understand inferencing and supporting our opinion
Frame: We will learn a 3-3-1 method to develop inferencing skills.
Closing: I will identify the difference between fact and opinion and understand inferencing.  
  1. Bell Work: Bell Work: Get your spiral and get ready to do your 10 minute journal writing.  Remember the guidelines:
    1. Date EVERY entry
    2. Write
      1. For 10 minutes daily
      2. in ink (blue or black)
      3. legibly
      4. original words
    3. Journals are confidential (with 2 exceptions)
    4. Do NOT write anything incriminating (anything that can get you in trouble.)
  2. Grade W2 DRE
  3. Read 2 Articles
  4. Complete 3-3-1 over each article
  5. Complete opinion over hunting controversy.
  6. Reminders/Announcements:
    1. If you bought colored copy paper for your supplies, please bring it to me.

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