Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 5, Day 5
Objective: SWBAT write in a voice and style appropriate to audience and purpose, use technology for aspects of writing, vocabulary development, establish and adjust purpose for reading such as to find out, to understand, to interpret, to enjoy, and to solve problems, read silently with comprehension, read to be entertained, to appreciate a writer's craft, to be informed, to take action, and to discover models to use in his/her own writing

  1. Grade Week 5 DRE
    1. Remember, if you have "extra" corrections on the DRE just mark them off with your red pen, but don't count them wrong.  Only count it wrong if it is something that I have on mine, that you don't have on yours.  (But remember, if you corrected it in another way like adding a period and capitalizing the first letter of the new sentence rather than putting a semi-colon, that is okay too!)  Use your judgement and BE HONEST!!!!!!!!!
  2. Bell Work: Free Write...Write about anything that you want to write about.  (At least 40 words, underlining every 10th word, and include at least 2 of the current week's SAT words.)
  3. Finish working on the two items that are due TODAY by 4:00pm:
    1. Reading Readiness Diagnostic Test
    2. Beginning of Year Benchmark
      1. Note-I should have told you this already, but you will NOT know everything on this benchmark.  It is a test over what you are supposed to learn this year.  This one will be a completion grade.  Just do your best!
  4. Free Read OR
  5. Free Rice (make sure you are signed in and in my group) OR
    1. If you can't get into my group (haven't received the confirmation email) it is okay, I'm still working to resolve the issue.
    2. Sorry!!!!
    3. You can still play to gain knowledge and help others!!!! 
  6. Free Write (maybe you like to may do so, write a novel, a diary entry, song lyrics, a poem, whatever you are inspired to write.) OR
  7. Study for your SAT Week #4 Quiz on Monday (use Quizlet to help you study!)
  8. Reminders: 
    1. SAT Quiz on Monday!!!! (Week 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 words will be on there!!!!) STUDY!!!!!
Please note: Fridays are not a time to work on things for another class.  You need to be productive for English class.  Please stay on task.  This is NOT a free day.  This a chance for you to do what you enjoy the most with regards to this class: reading, writing, or vocabulary development.

The more you write the better writer you will become.
The more you read the better reader you will become.

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