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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 4, Day 2
Objective: understand cultural background to literary texts, grade level vocabulary, and listening for understanding; revising and editing

  1. Bell Work: Open your American Literature Timeline
    1. In the right hand column, summarize the three origin myths that you read last week.  Tell me how they are origin myths, what the overall theme is for them, and how archetypes are used.  This is what the right hand column will be used for.  
  2. Now we are going to move on to Puritan/Colonial Literature.  We won't read very many poems in this class, but that is what we are reading for this section.  A few reminders about Puritan/Colonial Literature: they really only cared about work and prayer.  Fun was not allowed.  It was looked down upon.  They were very devout in their beliefs and religion and anything that could be considered 'fun' was a threat to their focus on God.  Very rarely did the Puritans express their emotions.  That is something that makes this poem very strange for Puritan Literature.  
  3. "To My Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet 
    1. Read pages 74 and 75
  4. Vocabulary and Literary Terms--add these to your Google Doc Vocab./Literary Terms  (several of you already did this...that is great!  Good job!)
    1. Vocabulary for Stories (p. 74)--(due Friday)
      1. Quench
      2. Recompense
      3. Manifold
      4. Persevere
    2. Literary Analysis Terms (p. 74)--(due Friday)
      1. Puritan Plain Style
      2. Syntax
      3. Inversion
  5. Author Information: Anne Bradstreet (p. 75)
    1. Open Author Information Document
    2. Make a copy of it.
    3. Read page 75 (as a class)
    4. Fill out the Author Information Document as we read about the author.  
  6. Remind Texting
    1. Only a few people signed up for the reminder texts from Friday's blog post.  Please check the blog post and sign-up.  I may even send out extra credit opportunities on there.  Also, make sure you sign up for your class period AND Avalos English III.
  7. Online Textbook
    1. Still working on getting you online access.

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