Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 4, Day 1
Objective: understand cultural background to literary texts, grade level vocabulary, and listening for understanding; revising and editing

  1. Bell Work: clear off your desk and get ready for your SAT Week #3
  2. SAT Quiz #3
  3. Work on Week 4 DRE
  4. Grades
    1. I have graded "Unlocking Word Meaning," "Vocabulary for Onondaga, Modoc, and Navajo Stories," and "Literary Terms for Onondaga, Modoc, and Navajo Stories."
    2. Check SkyWard
    3. If it is showing a "zero" for you, that means that you either didn't turn it in OR didn't give me access to it.  If you did not give me access, I sent you an email requesting access.  
    4. You must turn it in TODAY by 4:00pm to get credit.
    5. Friday was the end of the first three weeks, so grades are posted.  Please stay on top of your grades.  It truly is harder to fail my class than to pass...IF YOU DO YOUR WORK!!!
    6. If you have questions, email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  
    7. I have not graded the Onondaga, Modoc, and Navajo Open-Book Test yet.  I'll be working on that this week.
  5. Remind Texting
    1. Only a few people signed up for the reminder texts from Friday's blog post.  Please check the blog post and sign-up.  I may even send out extra credit opportunities on there.  Also, make sure you sign up for your class period AND Avalos English III.
  6. Online Textbook
    1. Still working on getting you online access.  Should know a little more by tomorrow (HOPEFULLY!!)
  7. SAT Quizzes
    1. Please study!
    2. These quizzes build up and the ONLY way you are going to do well is to STUDY!  You have to LEARN these words.  You are tested over the same words for 5 weeks.  It is my hope that by having you test over them for that long it moves the information from short-term memory to long-term memory.  But in order for that to work, you HAVE TO STUDY!!!!!  Not just cram!
  8. You may study the Week 4 SAT Words for the rest of the class period.  
    1. Use quizlet!
    2. Write them down on your own paper.
    3. Make flashcards.
    4. Do whatever will help YOU learn them!!!!!

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