Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 17, Day 4
Objective: grade level vocabulary, and listening for understanding; revising and editing; Comprehension of Informational Text (Expository and Procedural)

  1. Bell Work: What is the difference between fiction and non-fiction?  Which category does informational text fall under?  What are the three types of informational texts?  Explain expository and procedural texts and give examples of each...Look at the board.  
    1. This answer must be in your google doc that you created yesterday.
    2. Paragraph format
    3. At least 70 words
  2. Rice Paddies and Math Tests, plus more examples of non-fiction books
  3. More information about Informational Texts
  4. Non-Fiction Book Project (I will give you a paper copy, too!)
  5. Look for Informational Texts you might like to read
    1. Search OPAC
    2. Search
    3. Search

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