Thursday, February 19, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 23, Day 5
Objective: recognize distinctive and shared characteristics of cultures through reading; understand cultural background to literary texts, grade level vocabulary, and listening for understanding.
  1. Bell Work: Free Write
    1. least 70 words.
    2. least 2 SAT words from this semester.
  2. Grade W22 SAT Quiz
  3. Turn in Week 23 DRE
    1. Due today by 4:00pm
  4. Open-Book Test over from "Life on the Mississippi" and "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"
    1. If you choose not to do the open-book test, that means that you are happy with the grade you received yesterday on the multiple-choice test online.  
    2. You may use your book and work with your group.
    3. Everyone in the group will fill out a test.
    4. You must answer the questions in complete sentences.
    5. When possible, use text evidence to support your answer (with page number!)
    6. Depending on how well you do on this, I will add to your original (multiple-choice) grade.
    7. Due TODAY by 4:00pm.  
  5. Free Rice
    1. During the 5th six weeks I am planning on doing some assignments with Free Rice.  
    2. Make sure you can log-in and have joined my group.
  6. Reminders:
    1. TODAY is the end of the six weeks.
    2. Week 21 SAT Quiz corrections are due by 4:00pm TODAY!  
    3. Do NOT come to me asking what you can do to is too late.  You should have done the work during the six weeks.  
    4. Week 23 SAT Quiz on Monday...STUDY!!!!

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