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Week 23, Day 4
Objective: Determine the meaning of grade-level technical academic English words derived from Latin roots and affixes; Demonstrate familiarity with works by authors in American fiction from each major literary period; Revise drafts to clarify meaning and achieve logical organization by adding transitional words and phrases; Write an interpretation of a literary text that identifies and analyzes the ambiguities, nuances, and complexities within the text and anticipates and responds to readers' questions or contradictory information; Reflect on understanding to monitor comprehension. 

  1. Bell Work: When Mark Twain writes about life on the Mississippi (p. 570), he often uses jargon specific to waterways and steamboats.  Jargon is the collective name for special words and terms used by people in a certain profession.  Step 1) Think about a job that you have done or that you are interested in doing someday...write it down.  Step 2) Think of five examples of jargon that are used in that job.  Step 3) Describe what each word of jargon means.  (No, this one does not have to be 70 words and it does not have to have SAT words.)
    1. Example:  Job that I have done before: manage a salon and spa
    2. Jargon: process time, partial, color, touch up, and corrective color
      1. Process time is the amount of time that the color must sit on a client's hair before it is ready to be rinsed out.  Sometimes the client must sit under heat, sometimes not.  Most stylists can book a haircut and style in between someone's process time.  
      2. A partial refers to a highlight that only focuses on the part, the hairline, and the crown of the head.  The entire head is not highlighted.  
      3. A color refers to the application of one color all over the head from roots to end.  
      4. A touch up means that only the roots are being colored.  
      5. Corrective color is the process that takes place when someone has had his/her hair colored and it has been messed up.  A stylist would need to know what needs to be done to the hair to get the desired color.
  2. Mark Twain's "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" reenactment
  3. Quiz over Mark Twain Short Stories ("from Life on the Mississippi" and "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County")
  4. Free Rice
    1. During the 5th six weeks I am planning on doing some assignments with Free Rice.  
    2. Make sure you can log-in and have joined my group.
  5. Reminders:
    1. This Friday is the end of the six weeks.
    2. Week 21 SAT Quiz corrections are due by 4:00pm on Friday.

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