Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 23, Day 3
Objective: Determine the meaning of grade-level technical academic English words derived from Latin roots and affixes; Demonstrate familiarity with works by authors in American fiction from each major literary period; Revise drafts to clarify meaning and achieve logical organization by adding transitional words and phrases; Write an interpretation of a literary text that identifies and analyzes the ambiguities, nuances, and complexities within the text and anticipates and responds to readers' questions or contradictory information; Reflect on understanding to monitor comprehension. 
  1. Bell Work: Clear everything off of your desk and get ready for your Week 22 SAT Quiz.  You will need a blue or black pen.
  2. Week 22 SAT Quiz
  3. Week 23 DRE
  4. Free Rice
    1. During the 5th six weeks I am planning on doing some assignments with Free Rice.  
    2. Make sure you can log-in and have joined my group.
  5. Reminders:
    1. This Friday is the end of the six weeks.
    2. Week 21 SAT Quiz corrections are due by 4:00pm on Friday.

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